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We were faced with a challenge: our look and feel didn’t express what we cared about most. Here’s what we discovered, altered, and held-true in a 9-month process to redefine Thinkific’s brand.



We’re about the results of online learning and the people along the way

As soon as you step through the doors of Thinkific HQ, you’ll understand our driving force. You’ll see it in our dedicated customer coworking space and in the photos of Thinkific course creators that we proudly hang on our walls.

In just 6 years, Thinkific has grown into a team of 70 people supporting over 25,000 course creators teaching more than 11 million enrolled students worldwide. Despite the success, we had a big challenge: the look and feel of our company didn’t match what was most important to us.

So began a 9-month process of formalizing our brand to capture our true essence. We dove in with customer interviews, corporate workshops, student stories, and countless iterations to find the best way to articulate ourselves to the world. This wasn’t about creating a new brand, this was about centering around what we’ve always cared about most: our customers.



We’re sitting on a hotbed of life-changing stories. From John Michaloudis, whose online course about mastering Excel allowed him to quit his job and move to Spain, to Dana Malstaff of BossMom, who has helped over 20,000 other moms from around the world pursue their passion for building businesses.  Thinkific helps entrepreneurs transform their lives and the lives of their students. 

We unanimously agreed that there was no better way to show our excitement over the amazing things Thinkific course creators are teaching and the impact they’re having than by making them, and their skills, the stars of our brand.

We chose bold, authentic, in-action photography of our real customers coupled with a new set of deep, rich brand colors to reflect the extraordinary passion of Thinkific course creators, and the remarkable skills they teach each day.



To us, it always has and always will be personal

Supporting entrepreneurs has been a personal mission for us from the very beginning when Greg Smith, Thinkific’s CEO, went from building his own online course to building an online course platform for every entrepreneur. He’s so inspired by small businesses that even to this day he can’t pass a lemonade stand without stopping to buy a cup from a young budding entrepreneur.  It’s that heart and that drive to help that is at the very core of who we are.  


“We care about people. It’s not just our job, it’s the right thing to do.”

Greg Smith – Founder & CEO, Thinkific

In order to keep things personal, we knew we also wanted to pull back the curtain and better showcase the faces behind Thinkific – the brilliant team members who tirelessly support your every need and who don’t go home until every question has been answered. 


With Thinkific, The Impact Is Real

We’re in the business of results. That means lasting, tangible change for both our course creators and their students. We believe wholeheartedly in the incredible power of business and have seen first hand that when you couple business and education together, it’s an unstoppable force for change.

This became clear in what turned out to be a pivotal conversation with our friend Tim Schmoyer, a YouTube sensation and Thinkific course creator. By formalizing his content into an online course, Tim was able to quickly build a truly valuable learning experience for his audience and rightfully increase the price of his training from $40 to $300.  

With the business cogs turning and the ability to deliver an exceptional student experience, Tim was able to grow his audience, hire a full-time team, and make a real impact. This quickly became known as Thinkific’s win-win cycle and remains our promise to you. With Thinkific, we give you all the tools you need to quickly customize and build the best possible student experience, bring better value to your students, and in turn, transform your business.


“Without happy students you don’t have a truly successful & sustainable business, and without a successful business, you can’t create lasting change for you and your community.”

Miranda Lievers, COO, Thinkific

We’re on this journey together

Real impact takes time – but wow is it worth it. That’s why we’re so dedicated to supporting you and your students at every step of the journey. We promise to be there with you for every high and low, every triumph, and every question to ensure you make real impact teaching what you love.  Our new journey lines represent a transformation for both you and your students, and our on-going support at every turn – no matter where you are in your online course journey.


Refreshing our visual identity

The evolution of our brand deserved a reimagination of our logo and wordmark. Just as our platform acts as the toolkit behind your success, we chose a new mature yet reserved typeface elegantly designed to support the rich bold photography of our customers. 

Our new T mark logo is derived from the journey line concept and represents our team’s dedication to helping both you and your students at every step. It also reflects business growth and the transferring of knowledge from a single course creator to their audience. The pragmatic simplicity of the symbol enables every course creator to use it and make it their own – just like they do with the Thinkific platform.



Join Us On The Journey 

We’re so excited for the unveiling of our new brand and the thrilling things we have in store for you! I’ve been with Thinkific for more than 3 years, and I can honestly say, it’s one of the most exciting times in the company’s history.

If you’re equally as passionate about seeing entrepreneurs succeed, about building remarkable student experiences, and ultimately about making a real impact, be sure to reach out and say hello. We want to hear your story! And of course, if you haven’t started exploring Thinkific, make sure you sign-up today. Reach out if you have any questions, want advice on your course business, or just want to say hi!



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