Today we’re thrilled to announce Related Products and Bundles. Together, these new features let you create powerful upgrade and add-on options for your Thinkific courses!

Related Products

Related Products allows you to list other products to purchase on your course landing page as alternatives to purchasing the course alone.


Using related products alone is ideal when you have multiple versions of the same course.

For example, you might have a mini course on eBooks that sells for $29, and also have a complete course on eBooks that includes the content from the mini course and more for $39. With Related Products, you can list the complete course for sale on the mini course’s landing page.

Related Products + Bundles

When combined with our Bundles feature, related products really shines! Together, these features enable course creators to build powerful upsell offers for course landing pages. Check out our offer ideas below.

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Try out These Powerful Offer Ideas:

  • Create a site-wide subscription option by adding all of your courses to a single bundle, for a monthly price.
  • Bundle related courses together at a discount. You can purchase course A alone, or you can purchase course A & B together at a reduced price.
  • Create bundles with additional, non-course options.
    For example, purchase course A alone, or purchase course A with an hour of consulting time, or even an hour of consulting time PLUS a copy of your book.


Best Practices:

  • Include further details about upsell options in your course description. This is the best place to fully explain what the different options are, and why the purchaser should consider them instead.
  • If you use bundles to sell things that aren’t courses (like consulting or an ebook), you’ll need to deliver those separately.
    Some of our instructors create a separate “course” for these items with a one-page description, along with details on next steps for setting up a consulting call or how to claim the included download, to streamline delivery of these options.
  • Remember that purchasers are only purchasing the single item that they select. If you associate a bundle, be sure that the bundle includes access to BOTH the listed course and any additional courses you’ve promised.
    Similarly, if you want to upsell straight to another course rather than a bundle, be sure that the new course also includes all of the content from the first course.

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OMG! This new feature is an outstanding addition to your platform!
Congrats on the excellent job, Thinkificos!



I have just created my first course with lots of stuff in it

Can i move modules out of the course i created? So that can be a small mini? To buy or buy the whole thing?


This is what I’ve been waiting for. Excellent. I just implemented it on one of my courses.


Hi. Im interested in Create a site-wide subscription option by adding all of my courses to a single bundle, for a monthly price. But I have a query. When students buy the bundle, the courses are kept separate and the students can still move in between courses with categories and… Read more »

Thinkific Team
Thinkific Team

Hi Claudio,

Yes, that’s exactly how it works! Here’s how to create a site-wide subscription:

John Harvey
John Harvey

Hey Guys, This is option is looking great and important for me in making my choice of platform. My question is around location of buttons and options to upsell. Is the landing page the only place? Or can my students upgrade to a more extensive package within my course also?

Lynn Bruines
Lynn Bruines

Hey Lynn! Thanks for the heads up!

Here’s the link you need: