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Have you been toying with social media platforms lately and are convinced that they’re great for marketing your online course or digital products? Well, we’re glad that you’ve come to that conclusion!

Social media is a potent platform to sell anything today. However, you need to get it right.

Finding the right coach or social media expert to guide you through various algorithms and tips can take time and effort. Most of us can learn how to use social media tools for marketing our online courses and digital products, there are pro tips that may help you further. Therefore, you can still do better with a bit of professional help.

Thankfully, several credible social media marketing guides and online courses are available to help you improve your marketing skills. They can not only help you reach out to a larger target audience but can also empower you to leverage social media tools to boost sales.

Here are the ten best social media marketing courses you can’t afford to miss. Skip ahead:

  1. 7-Figure Social Selling
  2. Social Media Manager School
  3. Ecommerce Fundamentals: Your Fast Track to Sales
  4. Insider Accerator: Social Media Mastery with Jon Youshaei
  5. HIT Method Course
  6. Beat the TikTok Algorithm 2.0
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. 25 Marketing Tips
  9. Social Media Marketing Course for Students
  10. Social Media Girl Crash Course
  11. Your Social Media Marketing Guide
  12. Social Media Masterclass 

  1. 7-Figure Social Selling

Course Creator: Alex Boyd, Founder/CEO, RevenueZen

Duration: 2 hours of video content

Price: $495

Description: 7-Figure Social Selling is meant for B2B sellers and marketers who wish to learn how to generate revenue using LinkedIn. It helps learners start social selling confidently while highlighting the conversational mistakes that most people make while selling. Most importantly, this course teaches you how to transform your LinkedIn profile into a revenue-generating inbound lead machine. You can bid goodbye to your resume-type LinkedIn profile!

What you will learn: You will learn the step-by-step ways to engage with others and post high-value content on LinkedIn. In addition, you will also learn how to convert LinkedIn posts and take conversations offline.

Skills you will gain: At the end of the course, you can expect to have mastered the art of using LinkedIn and optimizing your profile to look impressive to potential leads. In addition, you will learn conversation skills that help you to interact with your connections offline. In short, you will become a master at using LinkedIn to attract high net-worth clients for your online courses and digital products, most of whom will probably come from a B2B domain.

  1. Social Media Manager School

Course Creator: Lucia Bordi, The Social Girl

Duration: Unknown. 59 lessons.

Price: £497

Description: The Social Girl’s Social Media Manager School is an excellent course to understand how social networks work in today’s world. This course helps you find your niche and define your ideal client. It also gives you access to a “Figuring Out Your Niche” workbook.

This editable workbook helps you to carve out your space on social media. In addition, the course teaches you what a money mindset is, how to price your packages, and implement branding that works in your favor.

What you will learn: To begin with, you will learn how to create an entrepreneurial mindset on social networks. Next, you will learn how to price your online courses and digital products so you do not sell yourself short.

The course will also teach you how to create killer content and grow your client list. Most importantly, you will learn how to create lead magnets and build your team when you can no longer keep up with assignments.

Skills you will gain: Some of the essential skills you will learn at the end of this course are being able to put a price on your offerings and delegating tasks to others.

You will also learn other skills, such as creating lead magnets, using content to attract paying audiences, and the different processes you need to implement to succeed as a social media marketer.

  1. Ecommerce Fundamentals: Your Fast Track to Sales

While not a social media marketing course per se, “Ecommerce Fundamentals: Your Fast Track to Sales” offers invaluable insights into leveraging social media for e-commerce success. Available for $297 USD (discounted from $499), this course is a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of organic and paid social media to boost their online sales.

Course Creator: Doone Roisin, Founder of Female Startup Club

Course Highlights:

  • Investment: $297 USD (down from $499)
  • Ideal For: E-commerce entrepreneurs seeking to integrate organic and paid social media strategies into their marketing mix.
  • Core Areas: The course covers essential e-commerce strategies, including social media optimization, content creation for platforms like TikTok, and launching effective social media ad campaigns.

Learning Modules Include:

  • Goal Setting & Foundations: Establishing a strategic foundation for your e-commerce and social media efforts.
  • The Customer & Hooks Matrix: Understanding your audience on social media and crafting messages that resonate.
  • Messaging Market Fit: Developing social media content that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience.
  • Online Optimisation: Optimizing your social media profiles to improve engagement and drive traffic to your online store.
  • The Content Engine: Creating compelling content for social media platforms, with a focus on short-form video content for TikTok.
  • The (re)Launch Framework: Utilizing social media to launch and relaunch products, creating buzz and driving sales.
  • Amplify with Ads: Leveraging social media advertising on platforms like TikTok and META to scale your e-commerce business.


Doone Roisin, an expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, shares her strategies for integrating social media into your overall e-commerce strategy, ensuring you can effectively engage with your audience and drive sales. On her podcast, Female Startup Club, she has interviewed more than 600+ 7, 8, & 9-figure female founders in the e-commerce industry to distill their insights and learnings.

  1. Insider Accelerator: Social Media Mastery

Course Creator: Jon Youshaei

Duration: 90 days

Price: Starter Package $597, Full Package $1097

Description: Dive into the world of social media with Jon Youshaei’s Insider Accelerator, a comprehensive course tailored for content creators and marketers. This course spans 90 days and includes live Q&A sessions, content audits, and workshops on “Frictionless Filming”, “Short-Form Masterclass”, and “Long-Form Masterclass”. Whether you’re new to social media or looking to enhance your skills, Insider Accelerator offers practical insights and strategies to grow your audience, engage effectively, and monetize your presence on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or anyone looking to improve your communication skills, this course is a valuable resource.

Social media marketing guide
  1. HIT Method UNLEASHED Course

Course Creator: Nathan Maskeri, Paid Ads Institute

Duration: 7 days

Price: $2,500

Description: Most online course creators find it difficult to understand Facebook Ads and how to master them. After all, creating ads on any social network is complex and requires much thinking and planning.

The HIT Method Video Course aims to change all that. It helps online course creators like you take the bull by its horns. You will learn how to place ads on Facebook and ensure you get more course enrolments than you thought you could.

What you will learn: The HIT Method Video Course is a 3-step system to master Facebook Ads and helps authors and kindle publishers to be specific. However, it can also be beneficial to online course creators. You will learn step-by-step methods to place ads on Facebook, track and monitor their success, and gain access to insider checklists and cheat sheets.

HIT Method Member’s Area is a perfect space to access new lessons and modules that the course creators continuously add. In short, you will learn a lot about posting ads on Facebook and making the most of your ad spend.

Skills you will gain: Some of the skills you will learn at the end of the course are understanding how Facebook ads work and what you need to do to maximize your ad ROI. In addition, you will learn to create ad campaigns that are successful and effective.

The course teaches quick and easy methods to create catchy headlines, blurbs, and carousel ads. Once you enroll in the system, you can access their PDF files anytime.

  1. Beat the TikTok Algorithm 2.0

Course Creator: Wave Wyld, Wave Wyld TikTok Academy

Duration: Not defined. Six modules plus extra lessons.

Price: $497

Description: You’ll find this course helpful if you are still waiting to see the results you want on TikTok. Beat the TikTok Algorithm 2.0 is designed to help you sell better on this short-video platform and create a niche for yourself.

To begin with, the course deals with how you can discover your place and define your brand. It also touches upon the fundamentals of content creation and community-building strategies.

With TikTok becoming indispensable for online course creators, this course is the need of the hour.

What you will learn: When enrolling for this course, you will learn how to define your niche and find your target audience. You will gradually discover how to create content that finds appeal on TikTok. As TikTok is geared toward youngsters, you may need to learn how to leverage this powerful tool.

This course will also help you develop a mindset that is suitable for TikTok. Lastly, you will learn how to build your community on TikTok and leverage that to sell your online courses. 

Skills you will gain: The most important skills you will learn at the end of this course are defining your niche, understanding your target audience, and creating content for TikTok. Most importantly, you will learn the art of creating content specifically for TikTok, a skill many of us need to be more naturally wired for.  As TikTok favours shorter videos that range between 15 and 60 seconds, this course will help you master precisely that.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Course Creator: Stratton Poulson, Apex Chiropractic Education

Duration: $350

Price: 3 hours of video content

Description: Social media tools such as Instagram and TikTok are video-based. As a result, it is essential to know how to use audio and video equipment. If you need help understanding how to capture videos communicating what you want to share, look no further than the Expert Social Media Marketing course.

It consists of 3 hours of video content and helps you familiarize yourself with the audio and video equipment necessary to shoot excellent videos. The course also teaches you how to edit videos and convert them into ads.

What you will learn: As an online course creator, perhaps you’re left with little choice but to hire expensive digital marketing companies. This course will help you escape that by teaching you how to make your video ads and edit them using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you join this course, you can learn how to use a camera, microphone, teleprompter, and other equipment necessary to shoot videos. You will also understand how Instagram and TikTok ads work and what you need to do to make videos for these platforms.

Skills you will gain: Other skills that this course will help you gain include learning how to use Canva, a premium design tool. At the end of this course, you will learn how to adjust videos to align with your sales packages. You will also learn how to sell benefits in your videos and video ads instead of just focusing on features.

Most importantly, the course will help you build on your skills in psychology, which is essential to capture the interest of your audience on both Instagram and TikTok. The instructor is a chiropractor; his content is geared toward healthcare professionals.

  1. 25 Marketing Tips

Course Creator: Covana, Bomb and Bossy Academy

Duration: Upon request.

Price: Upon request.

Description: Social media marketing can be challenging, even for the savviest individuals. Bomb and Bossy Academy’s 25 Marketing Tips are handy for anyone who wants to learn the tricks of the trade quickly.

The trainer brings seven years of marketing career and entrepreneurship into her course.

What you will learn: Enrolling in this course will teach you how to get started as an influencer and creator. She teaches how to grow your brand on social media and offers a blueprint for marketing with different tools.

If you’re a woman or belong to a minority group, her tips can be handy.

Skills you will gain: At the end of this course, you will feel more confident in creating an advertising plan, improving your brand identity, and communicating your authentic knowledge with your followers on social media.

Follow her on Instagram to get in touch with her, and enrol in her course for upskilling yourself.

  1. Social Media Marketing Course for Students

Course Creator: London Digital Business School

Duration: 8 hours of course content

Price: Approximately $70

Description: If you are a young student looking to start your own business, then the London Digital Business School has a course for you. This online course is recognized worldwide and is available on multiple devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

It consists of eight hours of course content related to social media and digital marketing. You can complete the course in a day or take as long as three months.

What you will learn: The course introduces you to social media marketing and takes you on a journey through popular platforms today. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

What sets this course apart from the rest is that it helps you learn the tricks of blogging effectively. In addition, it also enables you to understand how to create effective landing pages.

Skills you will gain: This is the perfect course for beginners with little knowledge about using social media to their advantage. At the end of this course, you will learn how to build an online presence, leverage different digital marketing channels, and curate engaging content for your audience’s consumption.

In short, although it is designed for young students, even older learners who are novices regarding social media can use this course. We urge you to take this course if you have an online course to sell but don’t know much about social media.

However, if you have basic social media marketing knowledge and want to learn advanced techniques, look for other options in this list.

  1. Social Media Girl Crash Course

Course Creator: Idalis Martinez, Social Media Girl

Duration: 9 chapters

Price: Upon request

Description: Tired of all the overly academic tips and advice you get online regarding Instagram and TikTok marketing?

Social Media Girl Crash Course is just for you if you want a well-thought-out but simple and fun digital marketing course.

This course has everything from a step-by-step guide to becoming an influencer to enhancing sales for your online course business. It focuses on TikTok and Instagram and helps you grow your audience on both platforms.

What you will learn: To begin with, you will understand how Instagram and TikTok algorithms work. Then, the course moves on to help you find your niche and the right time to publish your content.

Soon after, you will learn how to use hashtags and how frequently you must post. Finally, it will help you understand what type of content aligns with your audience and your niche and how you can batch-create your posts to post consistently.

Lastly, the course will help you learn how to become an influencer and start making money on TikTok and Instagram.

Skills you will gain: This simple course is specifically geared toward helping you become a video influencer.

As Instagram and TikTok are all the rage today, it is essential to take these platforms seriously. Although you may struggle with TikTok initially, courses such as Social Media Girl Crash Course are great for beginners.

Even men can take this course, as gender doesn’t matter when using social media tools to enhance sales.

  1. Your Social Media Marketing Guide

Course Creator: Aspen Grove Marketing

Duration: Upon request

Price: $85

Description: Although several courses help you understand social media marketing, only some teach you how to connect with your target audience truly.

Your Social Media Marketing Guide is an excellent course to understand social media marketing.

This course lets you know who you are and what kind of audience will like you. This means you can save time creating content for an audience that will never care about your posts.

What you will learn: The course is comprehensive, starts with an introduction, and helps you familiarize yourself with social media.

It enables you to evaluate what your goals are and find your voice. Next, the course teaches you how to find the right target audience for your digital products or online courses, so you create the right content.

Finally, the course reviews every social media platform regarding their business applications. Other aspects of this course include:

  • Creating a content calendar.
  • Coming up with an advertising strategy.
  • Optimizing image and video content.

Skills you will gain: At the end of this course, you will have mastered the art of using multiple social platforms.

You will become skilled at engaging your audience and learning how to use analytical tools. While other courses listed in this post are helpful, this particular course is more comprehensive than others.

Finally, you will learn to avoid common mistakes that everyone makes.

  1. Social Media Masterclass

Course Creator: The Social Co Academy

Duration: 28 days

Price: $79

Description: If you want to cut the fluff and head towards something substantial, Social Media Masterclass is a good bet.

This course is meant for those who already have some knowledge about digital marketing and social media and would like to enhance their existing knowledge.

It helps you understand how to distribute content and save your reputation, something that other classes need to discuss. In addition, it also helps you know how to test, evaluate, and generate reports based on insights.

What you will learn: This course will help you learn how to create content that will go viral on platforms such as TikTok.

Moreover, you will gain insight into various tools you can use alongside Instagram to take your social media marketing to the next level. Social Media Masterclass teaches you how to avoid misusing hashtags, which everyone does nowadays.

In addition, it pinpoints certain unfortunate oversights that lead to social media flops.

Skills you will gain: It is a very detailed course that will teach everything from social media etiquette and advertising to becoming a digital influencer.

At this course’s end, you will become more aware of advanced techniques to leverage social media platforms.

In addition, you will learn to avoid making mistakes that others do and distribute your content to the right audience on the proper channels.


Don’t waste time trying to decode social media. Instead, let the experts guide you!

As you can see, there are several excellent social media marketing courses available. However, as most people use social media to find great products and services, you must know how to tackle and use these platforms.

The courses listed above are all-rounded and help you tackle social media marketing like a pro. They’ll help you succeed and enhance your sales without much effort.

While you can try and learn the trade tricks yourself, you will be wasting a lot of time trying to understand what others already know. Hence, it is wiser to learn from the pros and focus on building and enhancing your digital products and online courses.

If you’re an online course creator,  Thinkific is bundled with many tools to help you better manage and market your courses. Join one of the courses listed above and use our social tools to reach your target audience. You’ll see it’s relatively easy to scale your business quickly and efficiently!

Social media marketing guide

This article was originally published in December, 2022 and it was updated February, 2024 with even more options!